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I would love to say that my lack of posting here in the past several months is due to being busy with fantastic genealogical and historical endeavors. But no, I have not been attending national conferences or institutes, or spending endless hours at the state archives.

I have been busy with life; a job, family, house, etc.  I don’t resent doing these other things, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish for my time to myself to pursue other activities.

This is not to say that I did not have a good summer. We attended a family wedding in Clemson, South Carolina and visited an old friend in DC along the way. We spent some time at the camp in Maine and finally met a couple of Connelly cousins whom I have been stalking researching for some time. I got in touch with other cousins from the Hug-Lankish line whom I would like to meet in the future.

I have just started a new research project, which you are sure to hear more about soon, and there are a few genealogical-historical events coming up that I am looking forward to. The Harmony Township Historical Society and Historical Commission is hosting an Open House at the Hoff-Vannatta Farmstead on Route 519 on October 26 . There will be tours of the house and barns, Civil War re-enactors and a quilt show. I am particularly looking forward to seeing how they disassembled two buildings that were dangerously close to the road and reconstructed them a little ways back on the property.

The other upcoming event is The Genealogy Event on November 2 in New York City. I found last year’s one-day conference to be informative and came home with many new avenues of research.

Please feel free to share any other events that I can add to my “Hope to Get To” calendar!