I am very fortunate to have a number of old family pictures that were shared with me by cousins. Even better, most of them are identified. I am currently working to identify three photos of unknown ladiess. I am using two labeled photos to compare them to.

The first pair of photos below are sisters Catherine and Mary Jane “Jennie” Glynn.  The lower three photos are unindentified. One of the possible idenities is Catherine and Mary Jane’s sister Julia Anna. I have no known photos of Julia Anna to compare.

Kate and MJ

unknown ladies

All photos except the last one are cabinet cards, I believe to be from the late 1880’s. Catherine’s was taken by Headley and Reed, located at 5 Purchase Street in New Bedford, Mass. The one of Mary Jane and the unknown one on the bottom left were taken by a photographer by the name of Hastings at 143 Tremont Street in Boston. The bottom center photo was from Henry F. Hatch of New Bedford.

The bottom right is a copy. I believe the original was on glossy-type paper with scalloped edges.

The Glynn girls were born in Bangor Maine; Jennie in 1863; Catherine in 1864 and Julia Anna in 1874. Jennie was married in Woods Hole Mass in 1886 ( the photo is said to be her in her wedding dress.) All three eventually moved to Carteret, New Jersey. Julia Anna died there in 1893.

Any thoughts on whether any of the three unidentified ladies could be  Catherine or Jennie? Do they look enough like them to be a sister?

Jennie Glynn Connelly

Cabinet card photograph said to be Mary Jane Glynn Connelly in her wedding dress.